About the Performers

Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton

His debut performance at Landover, MD, in 1974 was as a substitute for original Funkadelic guitarist Eddie Hazel. Hampton firmly grabbed his position as a new star player in the Funk. He was fresh out of high school when he caught the band members attention at their after show party, where he played the well-known solo "Maggot Brain" note for note. That was how "Kidd” started as “Funkadelic", which later becomes a part of an album title and his nickname “Kidd Funkadelic”.

During high school Michael took lessons from a Jazz guitar player, who taught him technique, from various scales to “ghost noting” which rooted deep into his signature style, simultaneous “melody-chord-speed”. This training prepared this determined Kidd for the biggest turning point soon after.

As time went on, he built his unique style to the higher level by recording and performing with Parliament and Funkadelic. George Clinton describes how Hampton “perfected the concept to play solo with melody of the song” with his solo leads on “Maggot Brain”, “Red Hot Mama”, “Cosmic Slop”, “Knee Deep”, “Funkentelechy” to name a few.

Kendra Foster

As Kendra Foster circled the globe with George Clinton & PFunk Allstars and D’Angelo & The Vangaurd, she made a few pit stops along the way—which included scooping up two Grammys for her work on D’Angelo’s "Black Messiah" and writing and recording a solo album infused with her heart, thoughts and musical ministry. 

On the heels of her work co-writing Grammy-winning song, “Really Love,” & Grammy-winning album, “Black Messiah” with D’Angelo, she independently released her solo single “Promise To Stay Here” and her self-titled album “Kendra Foster”. Both releases garnered millions of streams.  Kendra and the iconic Ray Angry have formed a duo called Goldfinger & The Butterfly, and released single “Daylight” and its official video in 2017. Kendra Foster released an album Summer 2021 titled “Here”, and has released the title track as a single, as well as the accompanying music video. 

Kendra Foster’s very first solo album before “Kendra Foster”, was recorded in 2003, “Myriadmorphonicbiocorpomelodicrealityshapeshifter,” under a production deal with George Clinton. It was never officially released, so Kendra released it independently in 2007. 

Neftali "Funkadrill" Santiago

Born in Spanish Harlem in New York City, Neftali Santiago became the drummer for legendary funk band Mandrill at just 19 years old. Since then he toured the world three times with various artists. Neftali is very active recording, performing, and producing with 2 platinum and 4 Gold hits for his writing.

Tony Camm

Tony Camm is the lead singer and mastermind behind ToNY CaMM & The FUNK Allstars , a high-energy "psychedelic funk circus" hailing out of Central Virginia, with a touring show that features covers of George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic, funky renditions of Grateful Dead tunes, top Pop hits, R&B and Hip-Hop favorites and their own originals.

Shirley Clinton

She is becoming more of a professional singer as well as recording background vocals and harmonizing in different studios with different artists. She sings all types of music--Funk, jazz, R&B, hip hop, and the blues, and also recorded a children's educational CD, "Ms Uno-Ka-Noodles Playhouse" in 2018, traveling from state to state. She also worked with her uncle George Clinton, on a Motown project, redoing classic Motown hits along with her cousin Tracey Lewis and her late uncle Jimmy G and several other artists. She is now producing and recording in her own studio and other studios where she recorded the Shirley Clinton and D.N.A Funk single "Funk Me If You Nasty."

Linda Shider

Vocalist and wife of P-Funk guitar great Garry Shider, Linda sang background on many P-Funk songs as well as toured as a singer with the group. She wrote  "Are You Dreaming?" for Parlet on the Pleasure Principle album and “Desert Flower” as well as a few other Children of Production tracks with her husband Garry and Gary Mudbone Cooper,  on which she is featured as lead singer.