2017 Ball

Married to the Funk

The 2017 Ball featured a rare East Coast appearance by Dawn Silva & the Brides of Funkenstein and an all-star band featuring Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton, Jeff "Cherokee" Bunn, John Bell, Guy Curtis, Kevin Goins, and Lenny Holmes. As always, the Funkateers left everything on the dance floor! Don't believe us? Read this review by David "Dr. Brookenstein" Brooks.

Funk fans, this was Part Deux (Two) of the Funkateers Ball Experience...2017 style! This event as good as the first one last year...maybe even better. The Brides of Funkenstein band started with "Not Just Knee Deep"...Mike "Kidd Funkadelic" rips the sh-- out of lead guitar on this song. The next song, "Maggot Brain" was another great spotlight for The Kidd...his guitar solo was so BADD that it would make the hardest Funkateer weep!!!












Vocalists Dawn Silva, Jeanette Perkins (Washington) and Kevin Goins came out and funked the fans with the song "Tear the Roof Off the Sucka". Dawn had the fans participated in a little sing-along. They were joined later in the song by backing vocalists Linda Shider and Thulani Jeffries (United Funk Order). The funk continued with the Dawn Silva original "Break Me Off", featuring spacey synthesizer riffing by John Bell and megafunk bass riffs by the one and only Jeff Bunn (aka Cherokee)! The Brides (Dawn and Jeannette) were vocally great on the megaton funk bomb "Party Up in Here"....this was heavyweight funk, guaranteed to straighten your curly hair and make a cripple man dance like Fred Astaire!!! "As Long as It's On the One" was another funky original by Dawn, featuring standout synthesizer riffs by John Bell!
The band ventured back into Parliament land with the song, "P-Funk Wants Get to Funked Up". I know that the Martins Crosswinds had a wedding next day, but I am sure that they had to stop and wonder, "WHAT THE HELL IS DAT SMELL????" Well guys, this is what FUNK smells like...and as Kool and the Gang would say, "You can have it, if you want it"!!!! This funk permeated the entire building and spread to the parking lot and Holiday Inn next door, making many unsuspecting folks drop and gasp for air! This is heavyweight funk...put up your dukes!!! Ha ha! Thank goodness I got my funk insurance renewed...never know when you might bump into something with an edge on it!

Yes...this was a bonafide P-Funk party..."Mothership Connection" was the next song, led by Kevin Goins...of course, Kevin did the famous "Swing Down Sweet Chariot" lines that his brother Glenn used to do. What was great about this song was the inclusion of The Brides's line "When the Mothership comes, when the Mothership comes". "Do That Stuff" was another heavyweight funk gem, followed by the Brides's original "Disco-To-Go". The funkateers were on the floor the entire time, giving up the funk! There was no Sir Nosing going on here... the best of the song was the inclusion of the nasty groove of "Aah, The Name is Bootsy Baby". Cherokee performed the sickest, gutbucket bass solo I ever heard, while Lenny Holmes played a blazing lead guitar solo!! The drum solo by Guy Curtis was tight.
For the encore, the band did an electrifying performance of “Red Hot Momma” with the blazing lead axe-slaying riffs of Kidd Funkadelic! They also performed one request from the fans, and Dawn had to get the band to play the song right. The song was "Never Buy Texas From a Cowboy". The shortened version of the song was tight, but better was the shortened version of the unreleased Dawn Silva funk track, "Ain't No Funk on the Radio"...Lenny's funky rhythm guitaring was killin!"