The Chocolate City Alliance is pleased to offer these exclusive souvenirs of the Funkateers' Ball featuring original artwork by Marvel comics artist Tony Washington. Cost includes free shipping within the United States (contact us for international options).

Two-Tone Coffee Mug

Start your day with a cup of Liquid Sunshine from this stylish mug.

$15.00 Closeout Sa!e $12.00

Chocolate City T-Shirt

Wear this and they won't be able to see anything but the dog in you!

When ordering, please include your size preference. Please allow 3 weeks for standard X and XL (men's sizing). M and XXL are available as a special order but will take longer to deliver.

$23.00 Closeout Sale! $20.00

Limited Time Gift Pack!

Owe your baby something good? Get him or her both the mug and T-shirt at one low price!