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Fun with a "K"

Funk is fun with a K, and the K stands for Kindness--just what you'll find when you connect with Funkateers from around the country and the globe. If you've been wanting to share your love of the music and the movement, you'll find all you need here. Make connections and then prepare to meet where all cosmic pathways converge, at the Funkateers Ball!


Mood Control


JTRP and the crew keep the Funk alive with the Friday Night Stress Release Party from 10 PM EST on. Join the live Facebook thread to meet all your Funky friends!


Gabe “DJ Gonzilla” Gonzalez fires up the airwaves every Wednesday night with Gonzilla Radio, blasting off at 9pm EST

The Funkster Jones Show kicks off Saturday nights at 9pm EST, bringing Funkster's own interpretation of the Funk with smoking hot remixes of classic and new P-Funk


Robin's Circle of P brings a periodic podcast of P-Funky goodness to your earhole

Zak Roberson, a.k.a. Nappy Head #9, talks music and current events on Funk from the Front Seat Saturdays at 12 PM EST


Ride the Funk Bus with Phil Colley's Uncut Funk every two weeks

If You've Got Funk, You've Got Style


CCA member Tony Camm presides over Camm Entertainment, a multiverse of music, merch and amazing content like comics, video, animation and of course, Tony Camm & the Funk All-Stars


Maggie M's Funky Corner presents the very best of rare Funk memorabilia plus fashion and jewelry, virtually and at Collingwood Flea Market, Wall Township, NJ Booth 49, presented by Donna Snead


Rock and Soul Collectibles features original prints of George Clinton and other music icons by internationally recognized artist Nona Hatay

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